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Statement of Beliefs
Beliefs about vegetarianism
Guidelines for Effaists
How you can help

A Life of Meaning

A Better Relationship Between Humans and Other Animals (a free e-book dealing with issues such as animal rights, vegetarianism, and more)

A blog about Effaism and how to better interact with other animals

Free awareness-raising holiday ecards


EFFA (Equality and Fairness for [All] Animals) is an organization whose purpose is to educate people about the steps that need to be taken to ensure a healthy relationship between humans and other animals, to encourage the good treatment of all animals, and to promote vegetarianism. We believe that true progress is measured by how compassionate we are to other living beings, and how harmoniously we interact with them.

Effaism refers to the philosophy that guides us. All of the actions of EFFA and its sister organizations are based on the Effaist philosophy. Some of the core beliefs or Effaism can be found in A Life of Meaning, A Better Relationhip Between Humans and Other Animals, as well as in our Statement of Beliefs.

Our EFFAblog is also a good place to find out about how to improve our interaction with other animals. Bookmark us and come back often! Want to show your support? You can do so by linking to us and by spreading the word. Supporting us financially is impossible, as part of our philosophy is not to accept donations.

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